Editable Looping Podcast Video Cover, Podcast Template Cover, Infinite Video Loop 1

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Get both vertical and horizontal Looping Editable Podcast Video Covers in minutes! Perfect for sharing and social media such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook!

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Embark on a visual journey like never before with our spectacular podcast template, a dazzling creation available exclusively on Magical Invites! Elevate your podcast presence with our mesmerizing podcast cover art video template, designed to captivate your audience from the very first glance. Picture this: a seamlessly looping podcast cover video that breathes life into your brand, drawing in listeners and followers with its dynamic visual appeal!


  1. Purchase the listing of your choice
  2. Download PDF file containing a link to Canva.com
  3. Login to your free Canva account with your email
  4. Personalize the template with your information
  5. Click "Share" button and then "View-only link" button
  6. "Copy" the link and text or email it to your friends and family

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